Social Media Marketing For Local Cafes & Restaurants

The Australian restaurant industry is fiercely competitive and you’re going to need to start doing everything you can on social media to be successful and to get an edge.

When 88% of people are influenced by reviews and online comments, having an intentional strategy is important.

Here at Bespoke, there are 8 social media trends and tools for restaurants we recommend you stay on top of if you want customers flocking through your doors.

Food Porn is alive and well

The quality of your photos and content matters. Consider hiring a pro or getting a real good camera to help with taking top-notch photography. Taking awesome food photos can be tougher than it looks, but get it right and watch your engagement soar.

Post at optimal times

Check the insights on both Facebook and Instagram to see when your users are engaging with your content and try to schedule your posts in these windows.

Review Pages

The likes of Yelp, TripAdvisor, MenuLog and even Google are crucial to the success of your business. Are you managing these? Are you responding to negative feedback? Are you making sure the responses you’re receiving are accurate?

Google+ Account

Setting up your Google+ account properly is the first place to start when thinking about SEO for your restaurant. Want more help with your SEO? We can help with that too.

Promote User Generated Content

Sometimes the people who visit your restaurant are your best content creators. They just know how to take the best photos! They will likely tag you into their post, so once you get their notification you can ask them if it’s ok to repurpose their shot in your own feed.

Show off your staff

Your staff are not only the best asset for what they bring to your restaurant day-to-day, they also make for the best social media content. People want to see your staff in action, their personality and their role in your business.

Influencers do really work

Influencers can help to boost the profile of your business. But we wouldn’t recommend giving just everyone a free meal. Perhaps work with one or two local influencers who you are able to develop a rapport with over time so that they are continuously promoting your business on their social media.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Through an effective Facebook Advertising strategy, Bespoke can help you effectively target, create offers and write compelling messages that help you to find, attract and convert new customers.

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